Welcome to Sacred Wellness Massage, where your body can relax and your soul can feel at ease. Massage facilitates the unwinding of stress patterns in the structure that influence your state of wellbeing. The goal of our massage time together is to balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

Kristen is a massage therapist who transcends the physical perceptions of the body and ultimately contacts the consciousness of the person receiving their intuitive treatment. This process is very creative for her and she works with each individual as a work of art. She is a passionate teacher of the energy healing system of the Chakras. Her life of travel and global connection informs her diverse scope of understanding the complexities and commonalities of the human experience. Kristen is a healer on a journey of personal transformation and guides people to engage with their own life in a healing way.

My Story

My years of training began at Indiana University Bloomington with a BA in Religious Studies and a self-designed dual major “A Holistic Approach to Environmental and Cultural Awareness”.

The capstone project for this independent major was a study abroad program in the community of Auroville in South India. It was here that I was awakened to a knowing that we are spiritual beings having an embodied experience. I deeply connected with yoga and meditation in India.

This was a time where I was able to breathe into and deeply energize my body so that I began to engage my senses and also move beyond them into a more superconscious state.

2007 I journeyed to Hawaii for the first time and received Lomilomi training on the Big Island. This training was in the traditional Hawaiian style massage technique, allowing the body to relax into its natural oceanic rhythmic state with aromatherapy oil massage including tapotement and stretching techniques.

2009 I returned to the Hawaiian Islands, this time to Kauai, to engage in a 700 hour massage training program at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork. My masterful teachers trained us to enter the field of consciousness with laser focused intention, ease, centered pressure and grace.


2010 I became Reiki I and II certified which invoked a deeper understanding of the energy connections of our bodies to the Earth, the Cosmos and to each other. We are electro magnetic beings that have a relationship with our electro magnetic planet and to the bio fields of one another. When we open our chakras to connect and receive the energy from the currents running below, above and all around us, we can then awaken to the energetics of self-healing.

2011 I became certified as a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in a 200 hour yoga alliance approved training program at Vibe Yoga Studio in Bloomington. Yoga means “to yolk or to unite”. In this program I deepened the unity of my emotional being after losing my father in a tragic accident. I quickly learned how important the sacred space of my yoga mat was. As I deepened my body into poses, I learned through emotional awakenings how much is truly stored in our tissues. I give great thanks and praise to this teacher training for allowing me to process my broken heart and to enliven the love and loss I felt into radical self healing through body movement in the yoga postures.

The Africa Yoga Project


I was introduced to the Africa Yoga Project during my training and I felt a strong and resounding YES in my heart and soul. In March of 2012 I journeyed to Nairobi, Kenya and participated in a 12 day Seva Safari service group experience where we constructed a playground at the Kibera School for girls in the largest ghetto in the city, we painted and constructed an awning for sun protection at the Women’s Maximum Security Prison where AYP teachers volunteer to teach yoga to the imprisoned women, we built toilets and several other projects to help facilitate a safer and a more sanitary community in Kibera.

Every day we were taught yoga by the Baptiste trained African Yoga Teachers. Those classes were the most inspiring of my life. When I left Kenya, I felt in my heart I would return.

The journey of knowledge and travel will continue to grow and nurture the intrinsic gifts that I behold and that I believe we each have inside of us. I am excited to connect with you on your healing journey and offer my space to help facilitate you to that next level of connection within yourself. Light up your life and light up the world!