Relaxation Techniques

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Take a little time for yourself today

What is holding you back from living your best life right now? Lack of energy? Physical pain? Procrastinating by telling yourself “I will do it later”? Not enough money? Don’t have the time? Don’t know how or where to begin?

Do you want to change your pattern and lack of motivation to take action?

Wherever you are right now is the entry point.

Let’s start simple.

1. Take a deep breath into your belly.

  • Inhale through your nose and exhale through your nose
  • Repeat this three more times


By simply deepening breath into the belly and diaphragm you begin to calm your sympathetic nervous system, your fight or flight response. Deep breathing reduces stress and increases metabolism. It connects your mind to your body, allowing patterned thoughts to dissipate, creating space for new insight.

Deep breath moves us from reaction to awareness. Conscious breath is the most fundamentally healing component of your life.

AND it is FREE!!!

Here are 2 more things you can do right now to get your energy flowing.

2. Move Your Body
Stand up out of your chair. That’s right (who cares what your co-workers think right now!)

•Begin with palms pressing together at heart center. This is a mudra that bridges the left and right brain.
• Inhale arms up overhead, exhale lower your hands by your feet.
• Grab onto opposite elbows and dangle in a forward fold. Release the neck dropping the top of head toward the floor. Hold for 3 breaths.
• Inhale bring your arms up around your side and exhale hands at heart center (left and right palm touching)
• Repeat sequence 3 times.

And now, notice the changes in energy~~~

3. Hydrate
• Fill up a large glass of purified water.

Hydration of your body is essential for vital energy.

Avoid drinking out of plastic bottles. Plastics leach toxic chemicals into the water therefore into your cells. It is recommended drinking half your body weight in ounces of purified water every day. So, if you weigh 130 pounds drink 65 fluid ounces of purified H20 daily. A hydrated body promotes optimal cell functioning and increased vitality. Often when we think we are hungry or when we are low energy our body is
actually dehydrated.

Enjoy the sunshine and Happy Spring!

This is a time when the sun is more direct on the Earth and we begin to move our ideas out of hibernation and into action. Let’s all take action steps toward a more healthy and vibrant body and we will together create a more healthy and vibrant world!

Talk to you all soon!