The human body is a living diary of one’s consciousness. The Sacred Wellness Center is a sanctuary that provides space for the cultivation of consciousness of your whole being, body mind heart and spirit. Through various modalities you can relax and uncover your natural state of wellbeing. What is your optimal vision for your health? Through our work together we will manifest this vision.


Sacred Wellness Massage incorporates many different techniques to specifically focus on the current state of your body mind heart complex. In this way, my work is very intuitive. I offer deep connective tissue techniques to melt the fascia and unwind the map of tension within the physical structure. My touch can be as light as energy holds and as deep as trigger point therapy. Our sessions are guided by you and I listen.

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Sacred Wellness Yoga offers private and group sessions (up to 4 people). In these sessions we focus on your specific needs whether you are prenatal, recovering from injury or illness, or simply want more personal attention with your asana practice. You will be well equipped with techniques to implement a personal home based yoga practice.

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Sacred Wellness Center’s mini retreats are a way to work with a group to dive deeper into wellness practices that can augment your personal wellness habits. We offer seasonal Ayurveda workshops and Charka Activation workshops to provide you with tools and techniques to bring more consciousness into your daily life.

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