Do you want your body to feel vibrant and pain free?

Integral Healing Massage techniques offer a deep and connected massage experience that unwinds the tension in your muscles and joints allowing your body to feel younger and energetic. You are in control of the pressure used. My goal is to create natural alignment in your structure. In the process your mind will relax, your circulation will improve, your nervous system will calm and toxins from stress will be flushed through your system. You will leave the massage experience feeling renewed and connected to your body.

Physical alignment is the goal of Integral Healing. The massage techniques utilized promote ease in the joints and ligaments and openness in the muscular system so the body is liberated to move in a natural, conscious, aligned and energetic way.

Your body is the living diary of your consciousness. Your living tissue stores physical, energetic, emotional and mental imprints of your daily life. When releasing the tension in your fascia and muscles we unwind the story, releasing the stress and toxins accumulated from stress and the impact of daily life. We will create space in your body and mind to allow deeper breath, more life force energy, and more creativity to unfold into a renewed you!

Types of Massage

Connective Tissue Massage

Releases tension in the fascial layers of the body. This technique is deep, slow and connected penetrating through the layers of fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue of the muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels. When the tension in the fascia is released the body naturally relaxes into balanced alignment and natural energy flow.

You can think of fascia as plastic seran wrap…when you pull plastic wrap over a dish one spot tightens causing radiating tension. This is very similar to the material of fascia in the body. When one place tightens other places begin to compensate from the source of misalignment.

Sports Massage

These will be laser-focused session targeting the specific areas of need. These sessions will address the specifics of muscle use during training. We will repair damaged tissue and maintain healthy tissue by flushing out lactic acid and releasing the origin and insertion of muscles to maintain healthy joint function. We will also utilize assisted and resistance stretching techniques to maintain suppleness in the tissue.

Prenatal Massage

This is for expecting mothers who need relief in their body as it adapts to carrying a growing baby inside. This is a gentle approach to pain relief and aims to bring calm to the Mother to be. The focus will be deep breathing and positive gentle affirmations toward bringing maximum health and light energy to their growing baby.

Postpartum Massage

This is a treatment that honors the great need for women in their first months after delivery. So much focus is put on the prenatal side to prepare the mother for the birth. Post delivery I often hear women say they were not prepared for the challenges they faced with the many demands of providing everything for their growing baby. Postpartum massage is gentle and works the whole body into a state of relaxation allowing the new mother to receive the nurturing she generously and unconditionally gives her child.


This massage begins with a warm foot bath and exfoliation. Specific reflexology points are massaged releasing the whole body into a deep state of relaxation.


mins for $100
mins for $130

All massage sessions include the Bio-Mat Far infrared amethyst heating pad to boost your immune system

Package rates

Group of 5: 60 minute massages for $465 / 90 minute massages for $595

Group of 10: 60 minute massages for $920 / 90 minute massages for $1200


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