I share my passion for yoga locally and globally

I have experienced personal transformation through Yoga asana practice. Life is full of stressors and we can become anxious and fatigued by all that is going on out there in the world. Yoga offers a space to go inside, to release that which does not serve your highest self, and to invoke the inspiration of your spirit from within. I witness this transformational process for everyone who commits to a yoga practice. I feel inspired by the community that is growing internationally around this positive intentional to transform the Self and to transform the world into a peaceful and healthy place.

Private Group Sessions

Private group sessions are personalized for you or the group. These classes are targeted for those just starting their yoga practice or for those who want special attention to deepen their practice in a safe and guided way. Wherever you are is the entry point. We are all beginners and we are all teachers. Say yes to your body and get movin on your mat!

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I teach at Vibe Yoga Studio after being certified in their 200 hour program. As my experience in yoga grows, Vibe has been very supportive of my time there and my dedication towards my other projects. My current classes are:

  • Monday: 7pm non-heated Honey Flow
  • Wednesday: 7pm non-heated Honey Flow
  • Friday: 9am heated Power Vinyasa

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Africa Yoga Project empowers Kenyans through the practice of yoga to create healthy and peaceful communities. Over 50 Baptiste trained teachers now offer over 5000 people free yoga classes every week. The organization continues to grow and serve communities in Kenya and is expanding into other countries in the African continent. This organization has lit up my heart and has inspired me to serve through a yogic model of empowerment. My journey to Nairobi, Kenya in March 2012 was a life changing experience that showed me the possibility for positive change in the world. In the 12 days spent there we engaged in numerous service projects in the largest ghetto in Nairobi. It became very clear the incredible need for resources in these communities. I will be journeying back to Kenya in February 2014 to serve the Africa Yoga Project community more. If you feel inspired to contribute to this proactive organization please donate to my fundraising campaign by clicking the link below.

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