Soul Glow

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I was in a Heated Power Yoga class late last week and received insight that I want to share with you~

The room was hot, the asana practice was intense, and my mat was wet with sweat.

I felt like my insides got wrung out and my heart was pumping.

As we started to cool down, we moved into deep hip stretches. Hips energetically hold a lot of emotion and resistance for me. I committed to my breath and traversed the depths of my being as I surrendered to the opening in my hips and low back.

While in our final pose, Sivasana, our instructor took the opportunity to reflect on her need to freshen up her home for the spring.

She talked about how much a fresh coat of paint can brighten a space and make it feel new.

Yet, when we slap on a coat of paint, if the time is not taken to wash the walls first, when you get close up to the wall one can see the speckles of dirt and dust that was painted over.

How often in life do we put on our fresh and happy face when just under the skin there is unexpressed words or unprocessed emotions that are really weighing your energy down?

Just like when prepping the walls when painting a room it is deeply healing to take the extra time to cleanse the body, mind, and emotions in order to get the deeper soul glow.

What can you do to cleanse the inner space of your body and emotions?

  • Move your body!
  • Go to a yoga studio.
  • Roll out your mat at your home and flow~
  • Go out and dance!
  • Go for a jog, a walk or a walk-run~
  • Get your heart pumping and purify your system of metabolic waste.
  • Receive a massage!
  • Talk to a friend that is a skillful and compassionate listener.
  • Drink plenty of purified water to cleanse your system.

Make the time to clean out the clutter in your home, play your favorite music and maybe even dance while you clean!!!                Let your self have fun with time!

A clear and clean home space promotes a clear mind. Put your good energies into your home and into the sacred space of your body~

Heal your Body* Free your Mind* Shine your Soul*

Happy New Moon!

~May abundant love and light shine through you~